Overrated Works | Frozen I and II

by Michael of ThinkingMichael.com

Could there possibly be a better example of an overrated work than Frozen? What is there to like about this movie? Seriously, anything? And for good measure, I will throw Frozen II into the mix, because it’s the 2nd-highest grossing animated film ever, so clearly people love that garbage, too.

When it concerns the OG Frozen, let me get this straight:

The movie opens with a bunch of guys cutting ice into blocks, because apparently that’s their business? If that’s actually a thing, someone please explain how. Anyway, so, Elsa accidentally injures Anna with her powers, and the rock-trolls decide the best solution is that Anna forgets about the incident… Then, the sisters never see each other again until after their parents meet their contrived demise and Elsa gets coronated? While getting coronated, we see that wearing gloves somehow keeps Elsa’s powers at bay. That is never explained. So, Anna wants to get married to a guy she just met but when Elsa doesn’t approve, Anna cries, “I can’t live like this,” to which Elsa replies, “Then leave,” instead of a whole list of better things to say. We never get an explanation for how keeping Anna ignorant of Elsa’s powers fixes literally anything. But after Anna removes a glove, Elsa’s powers go from contained to completely out of control…

I haven’t even gotten past the beginning yet…

You know what, I can’t do this. If I go on, this post will be far too long. Nothing in this movie makes any sense. Not to mention, Olaf is a completely useless character. He is literally nothing but comic relief.

In my opinion, none, literally none, of the songs in Frozen are any good. They all sound like they were formulated by a computer. The song Let It Go, everyone’s favorite, is not only nothing special, but it’s actually a bad message, just like Hakuna Matata. But in this day and age, ‘catchy’ means good…

Frozen II is even worse. Like before, absolutely nothing makes sense, and in fact, I’d say the plot itself is pointless. Think about it: The spirits know that the dam needs to be broken, and so Anna gets the Earth spirits (giants) to destroy the dam. Why didn’t the giants just do that on their own? The spirits clearly know what to do, and they clearly have the power to do it…

The characters carried over from the first movie are even more useless, especially Kristoff, who is only there to struggle proposing to Anna. Not only is there not really any new characters (that have character), but the one character who gets close is just offensive. I’m talking about the lieutenant guy whose trapped in the enchanted forest … who’s black. Seriously, watch the first Frozen, skip to the end where there’s nothing but Arendellean citizens gathered around (no ambassadors like at the beginning), and tell me how many black people you see. But then Frozen II wants to pretend like Arendelle always had black people in it. Not only is that horse shit, but that’s also incredibly offensive.

We’re all thinking it, but I’m the only one willing to say it out loud.

Frozen sucks, Frozen II is even worse. Why do people like these movies? Disney has plenty of gems, but people obsess the most over this franchise??

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