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It is a shitty time to be a Star Wars fan. In 2012, Disney purchased the beloved franchise, and has ben defecating on it ever since.

Fans rejoiced as Emperor BOB IGER gave up or something, and yet, Kathleen Kennedy INEXPLICABLY remains president of Lucasfilm.

Meanwhile, some guy on the internet, who apparently thinks a lot, ineffectively tries to free the fanbase of the sequels by claiming they are not canonical….

Once upon a time, a giant corporation wanted to make a quick buck. And by quick buck, I really mean ‘quick’ and ‘buck.’ Most of Disney’s revenue doesn’t come from its movies or its parks; not even its movies and parks combined. Most of Disney’s revenue comes from its TV programs. Only about 17% of the company’s money comes from movies, and when you account for all the movies Disney produces that are not Star Wars, such as its animated films, Marvel, Pixar, and not to mention its entire back catalog from its many decades producing content, without a doubt, a measly Star Wars trilogy doesn’t comparatively matter much to Disney… But still, the company is so money-hungry that they’ll rush a trilogy they openly admitted they didn’t plan for past the first installment, despite Star Wars being the biggest franchise of all time. All for a quick buck. 3 movies they didn’t care to plan ahead for, just for sliiiiightly more impressive quarterly reports.

At least George Lucas with the prequels tried. He tried to expand the universe, he tried to tell original stories. He wanted the prequels to ‘rhyme’ with the OT, but not outright mimics of it. He’s the creator, and for that reason, no matter how bad the prequels are, they are still canon. It also helps that George tried to expand the universe in the prequels, and tell original stories while still staying true to the spirit of the franchise.

The Star Wars sequels are not canon. As a fan, one cannot accept them as canon. Logically, one cannot accept them as canon. And if you think they are simply because the copyright holders say so, congratulations on having pathetically-low standards as a fan. Disney couldn’t possibly care less about the story, they just want your money. Since Disney 100% depends on Star Wars fans to profit from this intellectual property, we have more power than they will ever admit. (Why else is Disney ‘taking a break’ from releasing Star Wars movies for a few years, instead of going full-Marvel with 3 releases a year until the end of time? They know we’re pissed off.)

The sequels have a plot arc that is absurdly unrealistic even for a space fantasy like Star Wars. No one believes galaxy-shaping events would repeat themselves beat-for-beat, let alone a short 30 years later. Not to mention the contradictions the sequels have to what is firmly established in episodes 1-6, which make it damn near impossible for them to be canon. And as fans, we can’t allow such disrespect the sequels display for everything that came before them. Disney wants us to forget the past, killing it if we have to, while simultaneously being completely dependent on nostalgia and familiarity to make money off Star Wars.

Whichever angle you look at it, the sequels are not canon, except legally. Fortunately, none of us have any legal obligation to give two shits about this abysmal, half-assed remake of the OT.

Most of my arguments for why the sequels are not canon lie with The Rise of Skywalker – the final installment of the sequels and chronologically the final installment in the entire ‘Skywalker saga.’ If there was one movie, one movie, that Disney should not have botched, it’s the closing episode of the entire saga. But I’ll tackle The Rise of Skywalker later. In the meantime, here in this video, I will focus on episode 7. Here is how Episode VII – The Force Awakens cannot be accepted as canon logically or by the fans…

1. It is a beat-for-beat remake of A New Hope.

So, why does this matter? It’s beyond unrealistic, even by Star Wars standards, for galaxy-shaping events and factions to re-emerge and repeat actions beat-for-beat that already took place, let alone took place just 30 years prior. Is anyone convinced that after WWII, the world wouldn’t do anything to prevent another World War, such as forming NATO or the United Nations? Does anyone think these alliances would allow Germany to violate treaties AGAIN, and proceed to try conquering Europe with impunity AGAIN, and thus start WWIII, AND for Hitler’s own grandson to be the one instigating it all? Not to mention, the Empire had the Death Star. That would be like Hitler’s Germany inventing the hydrogen bomb first and then using it to obliterate Warsaw. So, imagine that happened in addition to everything else that historically did happen … and assume the world would just sit by and let Germany rise up again from the ashes doing the same old stuff they did before.

You tell me how believable that is…

2. Disrespect for all that came before.

So, as if all of this wasn’t bad enough, there is blatant disrespect for all that came before. The previous point was an example of disregard for Star Wars’ past, but there is also plenty of examples of disrespect for the very franchise Disney wants to profit from.

Disney went out of its way to de-canonize the expanded universe books. They allowed the prequels to remain canon, and yet The Force Awakens avoided the prequels like the plague. Even Coruscant was replaced with an identical planet called Hosnian.

Speaking of which, the audacity to outright replace everything that came before. Let’s look at the planets… Forget Coruscant, we have an identical planet called Hosnian Prime now. Forget Tatooine, we have an identical planet called Jakku now. Forget Yavin IV, we have an identical planet called D’Qar. Forget Endor, we have an identical forest planet … that they didn’t seem to bother naming. There’s nothing wrong with new planets having identical geography, but did all of them need to be replaced? There’s not even a mention of planets from previous films … even from the OT. What reason is there to replace Coruscant with a clone of Coruscant? Just use Coruscant!

When I say ‘Disrespect for all that came before,’ don’t think I’m only talking about the planets. The most important parts of the franchise have been replaced – the characters. Luke is still alive, but he, in all his essence, all the way down to his desert-planet origin, has been replaced. We have a female Luke now (because woke points) in the form of Rey. Darth Vader is back as Kylo Ren, Tarkin is back as Hux, the Emperor is back as Snoke, even Boba Fett is back, and also as a woman (because woke points) named Phasma. Wedge Antilles is now Poe Dameron, and we needed a black character (because woke points), so now we have Finn, named after Princess Leia’s f***ing jail cell. Luke does appear in the movie even though he was replaced with wokeness, but not until the very end. Also, after seeing Han Solo being divorced, failing as a parent, swindling people all over the galaxy, he up and dies.

How about the worldbuilding? Nope, there actually isn’t any. Where’s the thriving galaxy when freedom was restored after the Empire fell? Do we see any Republic worlds? Do we see any ordinary people enjoying life without tyranny? Do we even see Luke’s Jedi temple, at least before it was destroyed? Do we see Lando (the Rebellion General who blew up the Death Star), or is he even mentioned? The answer to all these questions is a resounding no. MauLer made a fantastic point about Luke’s childhood home being in a museum [“about a farm boy who toppled an empire”]. That would be some logical worldbuilding. Did the Republic give droids any rights? Any crackdown on the criminal underworld (or attempted crackdown)? How did the Republic feel about Jedi, since, you know, Force-users were the ones who caused so much damage and despair in the galaxy? No, there was no worldbuilding. Disney with The Force Awakens said, “We’re remaking the OT. Deal with it.”

The Force Awakens is plain and simple a remake of A New Hope. The good guys are underdogs again and the bad guys are ultra-powerful again, and if you don’t like that, too bad. Disney wanted to play it safe to make money, because, you know, the millions of Star Wars fans around the world might not have been interested otherwise…

This movie is a declaration that there was no point in watching Return of the Jedi, or any of the original trilogy for that matter. Yes, this movie alone negated most of what came before by making what came before absolutely pointless. Even during the movie, Kylo Ren says he wants to ‘finish what [his grandfather] started,’ as if his grandfather didn’t, you know, turn back the light, which is the whole reason the Emperor died. The Last Jedi and especially The Rise of Skywalker reinforced the pointlessness of the OT Disney was trying to force, but those abominations will be addressed in later videos.

The Force Awakens is not canon. It may be canon legally, but to myself and others it is not. The fans wanted this story we love to be expanded, not shrunk and repeated in defiance of all logic. The prequels are terrible films but at least they tried something different and they expanded the universe. It utterly baffles me what a high audience score TFA has on Rotten Tomatoes.

“But The Force Awakens was a good starting point for the sequel trilogy…” No, it wasn’t. That’s actually my entire point of why all fans should hate and disregard this movie.

George Lucas, I’m sure most of us are very sorry for all we said about the prequels. At least you tried.

There’s one more appetizer (The Last Jedi) before I get to the main course (The Rise of Skywalker), so follow this blog and stay tuned, everyone.

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