Joker is More Evil Than Satan

Among the religious community, and even outside of it, Satan is perceived as the epitome of evil. I suppose he should be, given what people perceive of him. But is he as evil as it gets?

Unfortunately for Christians and Muslims, the way they perceive Satan is not how even the Bible depicts him. In the Old Testament, Satan doesn’t exist, there is simply ‘the Accuser,’ a simple angel in God’s court who questions God simply to keep him from becoming complacent. The Accuser is mentioned only in the book of Job. ‘Lucifer’ is never mentioned in the Bible. ‘Satan’ is mentioned as the enemy of God, but really not much more than that.

No biblical evidence Satan lives in hell, no evidence he is red with horns, no evidence Satan or Lucifer are the same being, and not even any evidence he commands demons. And even if the Accuser, Lucifer, and Satan were the same being, their body counts are like – what? – 9 or 10 people, tops? But, I’m not here to talk about who Satan really is, biblically. I’m here to compare how everybody perceives Satan and then comparing that to the greatest fictional character of all time, the Joker.

Okay, so Satan is red, lives in hell, tortures people for eternity, is probably huge, has big horns, commands thousands of demons, and every single bad thing to ever happen is totally his work. He can possess people, summon fire, blah blah blah. What’s his motivation? He wants to rule over the universe in place of God and he’ll stop at nothing to do so… I guess.

At least Satan, here, has a goal. At least he uses his demons and pretty much anyone or anything that will help him achieve his goal. He’s killed billions of people.

I mean, hell (no pun intended), even though he’s supposedly killed millions or billions of people, he doesn’t want everything destroyed, or else he won’t have anything to rule over. At least he has a goal. At least he doesn’t target his minions for death, because he needs them.

Joker is worse, because his goal is not an ‘end’ goal. He just simply wants everything, everywhere, to get worse. No matter what state something is in, he wants it in a worse state. He wants death, he wants chaos, he wants good people to turn evil, he wants everything reduced to ashes and rubble. He turns on his own people just because he’s in the mood to do so. Even when someone is utterly devoted to him (Harley), he’ll throw them out of a window and not even check if they survived.

“Some men can’t be bought, bullied, reasoned, or negotiated with. Some men just want to watch the world burn.”

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