The Genius of “Predator” 1987

The 1980s was an era – no, the era – of testosterone-charged action films. Die Hard, Rambo, Lethal Weapons, Commando, The Terminator… But there was one film during this decade that flipped this on its head. That is, Predator.

The movie makes you think it’s just another action flick. It starts with the manliest of men, with biceps bigger than cars, heading out to do manly stuff in the jungle for some sweet manly money. Explosions, stupid one-liners, the works.

Then… They start getting picked off, one-by-one. Suddenly, they’re not so tough. They’re scared shitless. They quickly turn into a bunch of screaming schoolgirls. It’s more than that, too. It’s humiliating. They easily figure out it’s just one enemy, and yet this one enemy is deadlier than their man-army.

In the end, all but one of them die. The last man standing only wins by outsmarting the alien. Even after the alien removes its advanced technological combat gear and they fight with brute force, Arnold still doesn’t last even one second against its strength. So, he had to use brains, and even then, only narrowly won.

The Predator is a truly terrifying villain. Scared me the first time I saw this movie. I even had nightmares about it. Great premise, great twist (which would have been better if they hadn’t shown the alien ship at the very beginning!!!!), and a great classic.

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