Noise – Nightwish (Human Nature) Review

Usually, Nightwish has weak first-singles (by ‘first-singles’ I mean the first single released for an album). Usually, they are the safest and widest-appealing song of the album, hence why they are the first. I’m looking particularly at you, Elan and Storytime…

That may be the case with “Noise,” but it sure doesn’t seem that way. This is a true Nightwish song. It has personality, it’s heavy, and my favorite aspect, its vocals almost sound unique. Where almost every song of the previous album sounded bland (by Nightwish standards), especially the safer songs like Elan and Alpenglow, this song is far from that.

If this is the first single of the upcoming album, then I have, shall I say higher hopes, for the rest of the album.

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